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Where has Sojourner Travel gone?


Well, the short version is, we have gone on sabbatical, for one, two, or maybe more years.  We wanted to take time to travel ourselves, long term, spend time with the kids, and settle down elsewhere other Shanghai.  And so, we have shut down operations as of August, 2014.  Thank you to all the hundreds of clients who booked with us over the years, our colleagues, our guides, and especially to all the friends we made along the way.  We do hope you keep in touch.


We may re-open at some time in the future, so feel free to keep in touch.  To those who are newly arrived, feel free to email us at the following e-mail address if you just want advice or recommendations on where to go and what to do in Asia:




Best Regards,


Liu Xinmei

Christopher Patti


Sojourner Co-founders